Mandy is a blog writer for The Huffington Post U.S.A., and The Tasmanian Times in Australia. Her writing style is mostly satirical non-fiction narrative but she has a passion for writing humorous plays and skits.


About My Writing

I treat writing the same way I approach any other art form- by researching my subject, looking at the tones, balance, and composition. How do these qualities influence the topic at hand? What is it about the subject matter that will make a reader interested in what I have to say?

Being a freelance writer allows me the opportunity to work in the many creative areas that interest me. I write about subjects that I find thought provoking and enjoy the freedom of working anywhere, anytime.

My strengths are in narrative non-fiction, fictional stories, and writing humorous plays and skits. I’m a blogger, playwright, essayist, and creative conceptualist.

Subjects that interest me include: education, ordinary and not-so-ordinary daily events, family, pets, travel, and sobriety.


Coming Soon!

Mandy’s new fiction novel, A Secret Muse

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Bedside Clutter: Confessions Of A Bookworm

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Every night he tells me that I need to read it. Read it? I can barely read the title...very cosmic cover. And besides, why read it when I enjoy my sweet man's nightly anecdotes?


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Cash dancing in the rain!

Tasmanian Authors: The Real Gems of Australia

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Prior to departing on a trip home to Australia to visit family, I fell into the web (or should I say tapestry), of Indie author, Prue Batten. Prue resides on a farm in eastern Tasmania with her husband. She writes historical fiction and fantasy. In a comment on Amazon regarding one of Prue's novels, a fan suggested that Prue could make her own version of the phone book or a dictionary and make it intensely readable...

Another Wonderful Day In The City Of Angels

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Los Angeles is a city full of tantalizingly creative nooks. From marvelous museums, big and small, to galleries showing both local and world celebrated artists, this city of angles is...