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Tasmanian Authors: The Real Gems of Australia

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Prior to departing on a trip home to Australia to visit family, I fell into the web (or should I say tapestry), of Indie author, Prue Batten. Prue resides on a farm in eastern Tasmania with her husband. She writes historical fiction and fantasy. In a comment on Amazon regarding one of Prue’s novels, a fan suggested that Prue could make her own version of the phone book or a dictionary and make it intensely readable…

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Mediocrity: The New Normal

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There’s a new disease spreading through the collective, and it makes me very sad. It doesn’t cause lumps or fevers, and it’s not fixable by a course of antibiotics, but make no mistake — it is frighteningly contagious. The symptoms are as follows: lethargy, indifference, laziness, a lack of excitement, occasional feelings of entitlement, depression and perhaps the saddest symptom of all — a decrease in one’s lack of purpose; it’s called mediocrity.

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Life After Gluten And Swedish Fish

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With the holiday season in full force and tempting morsels of food inundating our senses from every angle, I thought I’d let you know that since Life After Gluten And Swedish Fish was published on the HuffPost blog in May 2014, my life without sugar and gluten keeps getting better.  Life without sugar is great – seriously! Enjoy 🙂

I can’t remember the exact date when my health and general well-being began to decline, but the moment of realization that I needed help is clearly etched in my mind. It arrived while delivering a plate of leftover cookies to the kitchen at work after a somewhat stressful meeting…

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