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Hi, and thanks for visiting me here!

I’m often called a Renaissance lady, to which I reply, “thank you.” Others have whispered the words overachiever and perfectionist behind my back, phrases I perceive as hardworking. And as for those who call me a dreamer, well, what they see as dreaming is more likely me planning for dreams to become realities. Or, a character has caught me in their silent web of communication, in which case, it’s best not to disturb.

Through my ancestors, I inherited a love of writing, reading, art, and travel, along with a deep sense of social justice and a love of nature and animals. I enjoy stories about people and their relationships with themselves, the dark and the light, and how they connect and affect the wider collective.

I believe reading matters because if you can read, you can learn, and if you can learn, you can make a difference in the world. And if you can read, please share the joy and read to another.

I invite you to listen to The Bookshop Podcast, read my books, and browse through essays and imagery old and new.

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The Bookshop Podcast with Mandy Jackson-Beverly

Each week in the Bookshop Podcast, we visit a different independent bookshop, delve into what makes each one unique, introduce the wonderful people who work there, and discover what their customers are reading and loving.

Mandy Jackson-Beverly has created a comprehensive universe... Elaborate back stories, detailed accounts of the past, and well layered characters are the trademarks of this talented author who has a writing style that quickly grew on me.

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Episode 93: James Fahy

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