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A Secret Muse: Coco’s Theme (Video)

By September 15, 2016 No Comments

For me, writing fiction (dark fantasy in particular), is not only about words, the story becomes a multi-faceted living symphony within my everyday life. It’s not unusual for characters to carry on random conversations in my head; to suggest ideas such as plot twists, or recommend I take a break from writing and instead pick up a paintbrush.

I paint without any real thought as to what the final image will be, and this can be annoying as I lack the skills of a trained artist and I’m constantly frustrated due to my lack of technique. But there are a few pieces I’ve completed that definitely emote certain characters in my stories, and for now, I’m fine with that outcome.

A few weeks ago while deep in the middle of writing, I was drawn to the piano. Due to a lack of practice, I’ve found that when I play the piano my brain goes faster than my fingers. I tend to get frustrated, close the piano lid and walk away. But on this particular day I remembered a piece of music I started writing when I was sixteen and never finished. The moment I sat at the piano and began playing, I knew the piece of music was for my character, Coco. This piece is far from finished, but the main melody and theme are now secure.

Here’s the first part of, “Coco’s Theme.”



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