A Secret Muse, Italian Press Release

Italian press release written by Rosalba Mancuso.

The female version of Dan Brown or his alter ego. We can define this author and her book just like this. The author is Mandy Jackson-Beverly and the book is A Secret Muse, a compelling novel suspended among thriller, mystery and a bit of horror. For the highly creative ingredients that surround it, this book is ideal to read for Christmas and maybe to give to your loved ones. A Secret Muse is the story about a mysterious brotherhood and about a secret past buried in Italy.

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The first characters are UCLA art professor Coco Rhodes and her brother Christopher, a powerful lawyer and a member of an ancient, secret society called Allegiance. It is just Christopher, who must drive his sister to discover her roots and origins and an upsetting truth in her birthplace, namely Italy. Coco is indeed a former little girl survived to an attempt where both her parents died. Who killed them? And what has to do the Allegiance with all this?

After the arrival of a birthday letter from her dead mother, Coco demands explanations from her brother, Christopher. He guides Coco to her birthplace, Italy, insisting she’ll find her answers there. Through wonderful descriptions of the American and Italian landscapes, the author creates a strong and gripping story with a very evocative hint of poetry. Readers can note poetical sentences from the first page. The beginning, indeed, is well arranged. At home, Coco is alone and is contemplating a portrait that depicts a man who she knows to have dreamt but that she doesn’t remember to have ever known. Who is he?

Mystery and suspense start immediately and keep readers glued to the book from the first to the last page. The novel has a medium length, it is, hence, a story to be read in one breath. In the background, other characters overlook in the story, the enigmatic Gabriel, a powerful warlock with a vampire father, and the ethereal Prudence, keeper of the Allegiance, and Layla, the girlfriend of Christopher. When her best friend is murdered, Coco’s life takes a dark turn.

With only a faded portrait torn from a lost sketchbook, and one of her mother’s unfinished paintings, Coco must delve into her past in the hope of saving those she loves. Thanks to a great and evocative writing, Mandy Jackson-Beverly makes the story and the characters real and alive, even keeping an impalpable narration capable to describe the noise of the silence and the darkness of the soul. Through this book, the author is like the painter Coco, only the writer depicts the story with unforgettable words that are worth more than colours.

A Secret Muse is the work Mandy Jackson-Beverly is glad to submit to Italian readers. The work is particularly suitable to Italians because enriched with great and stunning descriptions of Italy, especially Florence and San Gimignano, the most enchanting and mysterious places in Tuscany. This Italian region also keeps ancient mysteries and secrets that step by step will overwhelm the characters of the book, and Italian readers, too.

About the author: Mandy Jackson-Beverly was born in the town of Pyramid Hill, Victoria, Australia. She has taught Advanced Placement Art, written and directed high school theatre productions, and writes blogs for The Huffington Post and Tasmanian Times. She resides in Ojai, California, with her husband, Brian Beverly, a crossed-eyed cat, Luna, a dog named Cash and, sometimes, her sons, Angus and Jack.

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