Another Wonderful Day In The City Of Angels


Los Angeles is a city full of tantalizingly creative nooks. From marvelous museums, big and small, to galleries showing both local and world celebrated artists, this city of angles is overflowing with creativity.

Over the past few months I’ve been lucky to see the J.M.W. Turner exhibit at the Getty, Three Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay (including James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s painting of his mother), and the perhaps lesser known creations of artist/jeweler Brenda Henriques.

Brenda’s artistic pieces can be found at the equally innovative visionary women’s clothing store “Koi,” located in South Pasadena Check out the link below to view a selection of Brenda’s pieces.

Hats off to the visionary creative wonder behind Koi’s window dressing. The treatments themselves are pure art. I tend to get a little frustrated with ‘overdone’ window designs. Original designs sell themselves…alone and without the ‘frufru.’

Clothing is an art form: a study in history, sociology and anthropology. Whether one’s choice of clothing be an item from a thrift store or a couture original, to wear it is an expression of one’s personality and their social background. This is why costume design is fascinating to me. Clothes tell stories.

So whatever you wear—wear it well.



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Mandy Jackson-Beverly studied flute in Sydney, worked couture fashion in London, and has been a successful costume designer in LA, working with artists such as Madonna and David Bowie. She’s danced the tango with Robert Duvall, sewn buttons on coats with John Galliano, and discussed the art of sobriety with Alice Cooper and Russell Brand.

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