The Art of Observing Workshop

“Through the ritual of observation, our senses detect the world around us in a multifaceted manner, allowing us to open to the natural flow of our personal creativity. Presented with layers of detail, the subconscious is free to begin its work before tossing ideas back to our conscious mind. This is the point when the ideas flow freely and our writing deepens.”

Mandy Jackson Beverly

We live in a culture that is bombarded with words and visuals. While the collective virtual reader/author presence craves snippets of information—tweets about word count and writing deadlines, the act of writing descriptive narrative requires unequivocal commitment and considerably more than 150 characters. Creating memorable stories takes time; creating unforgettable characters takes patience, imagination, and structure.

Mandy Jackson-Beverly is passionate about the arts, especially the link between observational drawing, developing unique characters, and writing descriptive prose, a process she calls The Art of Observing. She believes that creative chaos is invaluable, but must be balanced with certain rules of order, and done with our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Join Mandy for a day of creativity and fun while learning to flex your observational muscles. In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to use simple useable observational skills that will strengthen your creative process. This is done through drawing, writing, and conversation. No prior artistic experience is necessary.

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What my students are saying

What was your favorite part of the workshop?

“Everything! So organized and varied to stimulate my brain to shift from image to word.”

“Taking the time, and indulging in the creative process.”

“Learning and exploring the use of various mediums.”

What is one thing that you have learned today?

“To surrender to what shows up without judgment.”

“Realizing I am creative!”

“That I can write a short paragraph into a possibly much bigger story.”

Quotes from recent workshop students

“Thank you for your generosity and experience. So much allowance was a gift!”

“Loved every minute!”

“So appreciative of your time, energy, and creative wisdom.”