Book Chat #4: Prue Batten “The Chronicles of Eirie” fantasy series

This week I’d like to introduce you to historical fiction and fantasy author, Prue Batten. Prue is an award winning author and her e-books rank on Amazon U.K.’s top 100. To quote from testimonials listed on Prue’s website, “Prue could write a phone book and make it compelling…”

I’ve read the first two novels from her historical fantasy series, “The Chronicles of Eirie,” and found myself quickly transported into the world of Unseelie, Faeran and the gypsy embroiderer, Adelina. Prue’s poetic narrative flows gently, similar to the fluid stroke of a paintbrush on canvas.

"The Chronicles of Eirie," a fantasy series by Prue Batton

One of the reasons I enjoy reading Prue’s historical fantasy stories, is because they cast a spell and encourage me to switch off and slow down. Escaping to another place and time, walking beside her characters, experiencing their joy and heartache, challenges and bliss, is the perfect antidote to my non-stop writer’s brain.

I strongly suggest touring Prue’s website; it’s easy to navigate, and you can learn more about her through her blog which she updates regularly. I have interviewed Prue twice; firstly in an article I wrote about Tasmanian authors, and more recently in an article about the world of Indie publishing, featuring Prue, and other Indie authors, Siobhan Daiko, Simon James Atkinson Turney and Ann Swinfen.

Here’s my latest book chat. Enjoy!

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