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The Bookshop Podcast hosted by Mandy Jackson-Beverly

If you’re a book lover or a fan of books, book podcasts, indie bookshops, and author interviews, I invite you to check out The Bookshop Podcast. As a writer and avid reader, I love a good story, and I believe independent bookshops are the gems of communities.

Where do you buy books? Do you have a favorite indie bookshop?  If so, email me a note with the name of the bookshop, and I’ll reach out and see if they’d like to be a guest on the show.

Here’s Why I Support Indie Bookshops

  • Indie bookshops support communities
  • Indie bookshops bring jobs to communities
  • When you buy books from indie bookshops, more of your tax dollars go back into the community compared with buying a book from Amazon
  • Indie bookshops are run by booksellers who love reading—no algorithms and no huge corporation
  • I prefer books suggested by a human, not a bot
  • My stress level goes down the moment I step into an indie bookshop
  • I like to see books by local authors and from small and medium presses, not only bestsellers

The Bookshop Podcast Schedule

The Bookshop Podcast hosted by Mandy Jackson-Beverly


Books, indie bookshops, author interviews, and more. Here’s the scoop…

Each Monday, I chat with indie bookshop owners and managers to discover why they entered the bookselling world, the books they love, and what makes their store unique.

Wednesdays are for author interviews and specialists in the humanities and the environment.

And once a month, I chat with Stephanie Stillo, Curator, Rare Book and Special Collections Division at the Library of Congress, and discover what’s going on From the Vaults!

Check Out These Latest Episodes

Episode #106

 Mitchell Kaplan, Books & Books

Mitchell Kaplan is the owner of Books & Books in Miami and host of The Literary Life with Mitchell Kaplan. He is co-owner of Mazur Kaplan, a film production company (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society), and is a champion of indie bookshops, authors, and books.

He opened the first Books & Books bookshop in 1982 in Coral Gables, Florida. Since then, Books & Books has grown to seven bookshops, two of which include restaurants.

Books and Books have since partnered with Judy Blume and her husband, George, by opening Books & Books at the Studios of Key West. Mitchell served as president of the American Booksellers Association and received the Literarian Award from the National Book Foundation.


Episode #107

Stephanie Stillo, Library of Congress


Stephanie Stillo, Curator, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, and Emily Moore, the Librarian-in-Residence in the Rare Books and Special Collections Division are my guests for these monthly podcast editions.

In our conversations, we discuss exhibits, what’s going on behind the scenes, From the Vaults! and introduce you to the people who work tirelessly to protect and curate the vast collections and how you can benefit from the work they do.


Authors Who Own Indie Bookshops

It’s not surprising that authors own indie bookshops, and a few have been guests on The Bookshop Podcast. From children’s picture book authors and New York Times bestsellers, these authors are staunch advocates for the written word. Check out the episodes below. And remember, you can tune into more author interviews at The Bookshop Podcast.

Episode #110

Elizabeth Bluemle, Author


Children’s picture book author Elizabeth Bluemle is the owner of The Flying Pig Bookstore.

The Flying Pig Bookstore opened in 1996 in the original Charlotte, Vermont post office. Ten years later, they moved to Shelburne.

This little indie bookshop has been honored with an award for Best Children’s Bookstore in the country and two “best of” awards from Yankee Magazine. The Wall Street Journal chose The Flying Pig as one of seven bookstores around the country that help serve as anchors for their wonderful towns.


Episode #108
Emma Straub, Author and Co-owner Books Are Magic


New York Times best-selling author Emma Straub co-owns Books Are Magic in Brooklyn with her husband, Michael Fusco.

Emma is the New York Times-bestselling author of four novels—All Adults Here, The Vacationers, Modern Lovers, Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures—and the short story collection Other People We Married. Her books have been published in more than 20 languages, and All Adults Here is currently in development as a television series. Emma’s new novel, This Time Tomorrow is coming in May 2022.



Episode #105

Karen Hayes, Co-owner Parnassus Books with Ann Patchett

I spoke with Karen Hayes, co-owner of Parnassus Books in Nashville, Tennessee with author Anne Patchett. Karen found her way to the owner’s desk after a career that included 12 years at Ingram Content Group, the nation’s largest book distributor, plus 18 years as a traveling sales rep for Random House.

During her time at Random House, she came to love and respect the vibrant community of independent bookshops she worked with, eventually opening a store of her own. In addition to being the managing owner of Parnassus Books, she also sits on the board of The Porch Writers’ Collective.




Books I’m Reading

Before interviewing author Gin Stephens, I read Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle, and CLEAN(ish). I’m an intermittent faster and LOVE it! You can listen to my interview with Gin here.

Comin soon is my interview with Mary Hill Wagner, the author of GIRLZ ‘N THE HOOD: A Memoir of Mama in South Central Los Angeles. This book is a raw, well-written, from-the-heart story.

Also coming soon is my interview with James Nestor, the author of BREATH. Trust me, you will never breathe the same again, and yes, I mouth tape at night!

Next Wednesday, my interview with director, writer, producer, and hemp farmer Steve Barron goes live. I worked for Steve as a stylist in the 80s and remembered him as a true Creative and a gentleman. You may have seen Steve’s name more recently in the credits of such TV series as The Durrells in Corfu and Around The World in 80 Days. Both are brilliant! Steve’s book Egg N Chips & Billie Jean is available here.

I’m currently reading and enjoying, Sistersong by Lucy Holland.

What I’m Watching

While films and TV series may not come under books, book podcasts, indie bookshops, and author interviews, they are about stories. Here are a few of my February favorites.


WOW, Anna Friel and Ray Panthaki are brilliant! Fantastic script.

Around The World in 80 Days

Another brilliant PBS series!

The Gilded Age

Opulence overload, although I’m enjoying the historical aspects of the story and the costumes are FABULOUS!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

In season 3 I’m asking myself, “why don’t we dress like that anymore?!”

My Books

You can order my books from your favorite indie bookshop,, from my website, or wherever you buy books.

The Legend of Astridr: Birth is available FREE as an eBook from my website.

A Secret Muse, Mandy Jackson-Beverly

The Devil And The Muse, Mandy Jackson-Beverly

Book cover The Immortal Muse, Mandy Jackson-Beverly

The Legend of Astridr: Birth, Mandy Jackson-Beverly









Until next time, fellow book lovers…

Happy Reading, listening and creating.


PS. What books are you reading?

Buy Local. Read Global. Support Your Local Indie Bookshop.

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