Welcome to the dark, supernatural world of The Creatives Series. It is a place of shadows, where an ancient, secret collective of warriors—witches, vampires, and humans—protect art and Creatives.

Jackson-Beverly has woven a world where the artist is as important as the superhero.

Enter into this world
But cast aside old ideas.
Step Carefully,
But step with deliberation,
For there is no room for indecision
When the devil lies waiting…

A Secret Muse -book one of The Creatives Series

A Secret Muse

UCLA art professor Coco Rhodes knows little about her family’s association with the ancient clandestine organization The Allegiance. When a close friend is murdered, Coco’s life takes a dark turn.

The Devil and The Muse - book two of The Creatives Series

The Devil and The Muse

In this fast-paced second installment of The Creatives Series, Creative (mystic artist) Coco Rhodes is surprised by a horrific vision beneath her most recent painting: the violent attack upon a fragile young girl.

I've read the entire Creatives Series and love it. Well-written, interesting characters, great villain/evil, depth of research is outstanding. Grabbed me from the beginning and I zoomed through all three books and then the novella. Can't wait to read what Mandy writes next!

The Immortal Muse - book three of The Creative Series

The Immortal Muse

It’s time to take the next step with the Allegiance, but Coco’s trust in Gabriel is threatened as, just when she needs him most, images of his past indiscretions emerge from her paintings and she finds love letters to him from an admirer.

The Legend of Astridr by Mandy Jackson Beverly

The Legend of Astridr: Birth

When the imprisoned seer Sonja is liberated by Viking warriors, a storm takes the lives of her rescuers and she’s left dying alone. The fae prince Hakon hears her cries - as does Freyja, goddess of the underworld, who arrives to negotiate for Sonja’s soul.