My eldest son posted this recently – I’m a proud mum 🙂

While I am getting a little sick of posting/uploading political issues, I do think it is imperative that the supreme court looks into fully-backing marriage equality. Honestly, with so many issues and problems facing this country, I find it upsetting that we find ourselves even debating this issue at this day and age. Someones sexual orientation really does NOTHING in regard to their labor output, their overall parenting abilities or honestly, whether or not they are worthy and caring individuals (isn’t that the most important aspect of humanity BTW?). Some of my closest friends have been raised by gay parents and I can promise you that they are just as messed-up, problematic and lost as ANY of my friends from heterosexual parents. America, lets accept marriage equality and move forward so we can find another issue to phone-bank, donate and Facebook troll for. Because, frankly, there really is only one right direction on the allowance of gay marriage.©

written by Angus Beverly

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