Call for a Hero

Wanted: an educated person who possesses graceful communication skills.  A thinker, a listener, someone who sees fear as a bridge to nowhere, and practices innate virtue within his family and wider community.

This person focuses her energy on attending to issues both current and beyond rather than those that elongate her current political position.  She has the courage to fund education because she’s not scared of those around her being educated and able to speak.  She knows the importance of building relations with the rest of the world because she is a mother or a daughter.

He holds the hand of the poor and less fortunate.  He serves them soup in the name of compassion while men in suits decide their fates behind closed, antiseptic doors.  Men with their chosen ignorance unaware of brothers with ailing bodies, clutching tightly to their desperate need for respect.

This man asks questions and seeks answers through science and rhetoric with leaders in their fields of expertise.  He is not scared of truths and questions biased propaganda.

I’ve read about the person this country gave birth to – she was your great, great grandmother or your great, great, great uncle – the tradesman and teacher, the self taught lawyer and poet.  Their blood still runs through your veins, a ghostly shadow of the reminder of who you are.  A reminder of the hero we are all capable of becoming.

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  1. Michael Addison

    A powerful statement, Mandy — absolutely revealing of who you are and what you stand for. How I wish we could find a way to work together …

    1. AdminMJB

      Thank you, Michael, and yes to working together! You direct and I’ll write and costume…

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