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Why It’s So Important To Remember The Human Element Come November

A wall, no matter how thick and tall, will never stop the children from finding their voices. Thanks to the tireless work of teachers like Esther Andrews, these children will learn to read and write. They will find their voices. They will speak with compassion and dignity, and they will keep on speaking until the cries of their parents and grandparents are heard.

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A Secret Muse is a Multi-Media Dark Fantasy Experience

“The book (A Secret Muse, book 1) is laced with esoteric references to music and art and locations in Italy. I actually Googled a few of the classical music references with the pleasant surprise of listening to Chopin, Debussy and Beethoven (You Tube recordings), which helped set the mood, a multi-media experience.”

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Graveyards And Poetry

I took the photo of this graveyard the day my siblings and I placed Mum’s ashes next to Dad’s. As you can tell, this is an older graveyard, much like many others to be found on the grounds of small chapels dotted around the state of Tasmania, Australia.

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