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After The Storm

There’s snow on the mountains, and the riverbeds that lay forgotten, buried amongst aged and weakened tree branches, are once again alive with water. Up and over, around and under, trickles quickly became muddy flows, and reminded me to be more like the water.

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Mandy Jackson-Beverly Interview

During some of the most turbulent times in the history of man, it is our art, literature and artifacts that are the first to be destroyed by fire, looting and bombs. Without knowledge and education, we are ignorant, and therefore become better followers rather than educated decision makers. Creativity is the source of knowledge, the very essence of humanism, and perhaps this is why art and books are the first to be destroyed. We will always need musicians, artists and authors to take us on journeys; to show us character development and communication skills that in turn help us problem solve. I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of people reading, and now with eBooks, reading is just a touch away. So yes, I do believe there is room for reading books in this current reality.

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A Secret Muse, Italian Press Release

The female version of Dan Brown or his alter ego. We can define this author and her book just like this. The author is Mandy Jackson Beverly and the book is A Secret Muse, a compelling novel suspended among thriller, mystery and a bit of horror. For the highly creative ingredients that surround it, this book is ideal to read for Christmas and maybe to give to your loved ones. A Secret Muse is the story about a mysterious brotherhood and about a secret past buried in Italy.

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