Fiction Soup: Workshops For Writers

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Fiction Soup: Workshops for Writers

Greetings from Ojai!

I’m thrilled to announce my new workshops for writers: Fiction Soup

Fiction Soup workshops are available through SPAWN, the Small Publishers, Artists, & Writers Network, an organization in Ventura County, Southern California. Class locations: Thousand Oaks, Ojai, and Los Angeles, with online classes available in the near future.

With the completion of The Creatives Series trilogy and the companion novella, The Legend of Astridr: Birth, I’m excited about teaching again. For fans of my dark stories, don’t worry, I have a new novel underway and another whispering in my ear!

Scroll down for information regarding the workshops. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Write on!


Fiction Soup

Workshops for Writers

Writing a novel is like making soup.

Imagine cooking a bowl of hearty vegetable soup. The steps are as follows: choose your ingredients, chop up the vegetables, and simmer. You add some spices, a dash of salt to bring out the flavor, and select the perfect bowl, before ladling your creation into the dish, adding garnish and presenting your soup for eating. The final step is witnessing the look of satisfaction from your guests as the flavors you’ve chosen burst into their mouths.

Writing a novel is similar to making soup. The ingredients are your characters, the spices are the plot points, the bowl is the storyline—the vessel that holds everything together—and your guest is your reader.

It is our job as writers to bring our best recipe to the table. But sometimes, we get sidetracked: maybe we use out-of-date ingredients, weak spices, or a bowl that’s cracked, leaving our readers with a sudden loss of appetite.

Fiction Soup is here to help!

For more information click here: Fiction Soup


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