Fun Friday With Luna At Cricket Publishing

Elena giving kitty scratches...

Fun Friday

Yesterday at Cricket Publishing we had some fun with our monthly giveaway. We decided to see if we could get Luna to choose this month’s winners.

Luna dreaming…

While Elena, our newest addition to the Cricket Publishing team, stood by with iPad in hand, I bravely went into my office and woke up “Luna the Wonder Cat.”

Luna the Diva

We envisioned Luna placing a paw on a few pieces of paper. I’d run in and pull them away from her, thereby freeing her up to choose more. However, in true rag doll diva form, she strung out her “moment” in front of the lens – no, I mean she really stretched it out – for an hour!

Luna rolled and posed, strutted, and of course cleaned herself until finally she’d chosen not 11, but 12 lucky winners, but hey, that’s okay 🙂


Elena giving kitty scratches...
Elena giving kitty scratches…

And The Winners Are… 

Winners have been emailed, so be on the lookout for an email from Cricket Publishing. Prizes for this month were 12 audiobook copies of A Secret Muse, book 1 of The Creatives Series, narrated by Serena Scott Thomas, and one lucky winner received ebook copies of A Secret Muse and The Devil And The Muse.

Enjoy the video of our fun Friday shenanigans we had at the office yesterday 🙂

More fun giveaways next month!

Meow 🙂

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