The Secret Muse

Tell us about A Secret Muse. That is a mystery novel set between the U.S and Italy, where the main character is the painter and art professor Coco Rhodes. The story is compelling and very interesting and surrounded by a halo of uncertainty that keeps readers glued from the first to the last page. Could you give us more information about the plot and the meaning of your book?

The book begins with the following phrase: As humans, we are bound by fate to encounter a profound moment while on our journey…an instant when a choice is presented and we either accept the challenge, or carry on with life as we know it. Late one evening, while grading my Advanced Placement art student’s portfolios, I reached toward a painting and was overwhelmed with a multitude of emotions: pride, joy, and a strong sense of over-protectiveness. I mourned for all the art, architecture, artifacts, and manuscripts that have been destroyed over time by the horrors of war, fear and greed. That was ‘my moment.’ Professor Coco Rhodes and the Allegiance became cemented in my story, and I realized I needed to work full time on my novel. I guess I’m a dreamer…I truly hope that somewhere out there, is a force of goodness protecting the Creatives in this world. A Secret Muse is driven by the phrase: Without Courage All Is Lost. That phrase is Coco’s motto…perhaps mine too.