On art and music…

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How do your paintings play a part in characters & story development?
Often the images of my characters, how she/he looks, their style, demeanor, etc., are born through brush strokes. The same for certain plot points. I’m not a trained artist and at times I’m frustrated by my lack of skill. With this in mind, my images are about portraying elements of character as a visual map for narrative.

A few years ago my youngest son gave me his old Nikon D50 and now I’m obsessed with taking photographs. I’m drawn to dark and moody shots of locations, people, clouds, trees, old doors, deserted roads and buildings. These images help me pull together the parts of a scene. I follow talented photographers on social media, in particular, Instagram, and the images they post inspire me daily. In a world where people sling insults behind various pseudonyms, falling onto a page with fantastic visuals is comforting.

Music also plays a large part in the story and character development in my writing. I studied classical music as a child, through my teen years and at university, and even though I appreciate most genres, a few bars of Chopin’s Nocturne in E-Flat Major can bring me to my knees in a puddle of tears. I’ve been around music and musicians all my life, so it’s no surprise that this element plays an important part in my stories.