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I thoroughly enjoy the Instagram and #bookstagram community. I’ve met so many creative people: authors, artists, photographers, and readers who post beautifully styled photographs of books.

Fantasy author James Fahy recently posted this gorgeous photograph of “A Secret Muse” on his Instagram feed, which I recommend following: jamesfahyauthor

To find out more about James and hear me reading from one of his novels, click here: https://mandyjacksonbeverly.com/instagram-bookstagram-and-british-author-james-fahy/

Join me on Instagram and #bookstagram — I’d love to see your pics and check out the books you’re reading!

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Photograph by James Fahy, author
Photograph by James Fahy, author


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  1. jamesfahyauthor

    Glad you liked the pic Mandy. Hard to do the book justice, it’s such a wonderful read. Reccomendin ‘Muse’ to everyone I know. (And I know a lot of people) ?

    1. AdminMJB

      You’re so sweet, Mr. Fahy! And yes, I loved your pic xo

  2. Bobbi

    When will the next book in the series (after Secret Muse) be coming out?

    1. AdminMJB

      Hi Bobbi! Apologies for the delay in getting back to you…I’m currently editing book 2, looking at an October/November publishing date. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for updates!

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