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Check out this podcast…

Yours truly being interviewed in the studio at the World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

I chat about my writing process, family, the Creatives Series, and my current work in process.

Listen to “Jimmy and Sarah on the Sunset Strip!”

Here’s the episode info:

“Like the characters who populate her books, Mandy Jackson-Beverly has led many lives. In this episode, the author of the best-selling Creatives Series of fantasy novels weaves spellbinding tales of her early days working as a costume designer and stylist for David Bowie, Madonna and Tina Turner, and the unexpected path which led her to her current writing career.”

Fun chatting with two talented comedians—Sarah J Halstead and Jimmy Shin.

What goes on in a comedian’s mind thirty seconds before walking on stage? Listen and find out!

Oh, and yes, I loved being called a “Renaissance Lady!”

Sarah, Mandy, and Jimmy!

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