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The Bookshop Podcast is committed to helping independent bookshops thrive by highlighting these gems of the community, as well as illuminating the wonders of words on a page. Each week, we visit a different independent bookshop, delve into what makes each one unique, introduce the wonderful people who work there, and discover what their customers are reading and loving. We interview local authors, support book launches and events, and help listeners find their next favorite armchair adventure.
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  • Leah Koch, The Ripped Bodice October 25, 2021
  • Jeanne Baker Guy, Author October 20, 2021
  • Mason Engel, Filmmaker and Author October 18, 2021
  • T.L. Bequette: Criminal Defense Attorney and Author of Good Lookin' October 13, 2021
  • Jessiemarie Duplessis, New Renaissance Bookshop, Portland, Oregon October 10, 2021