The Creatives Series


So who, why, and what  is a Creative?

Within the dark supernatural world of The Creatives Series…

Creatives are artists who paint truths within paintings, secrets only visible to a few; their images share the gift of prophecy. All Creatives have amethyst-colored eyes.

And what is The Allegiance?

An ancient organization that protects art and Creatives, and gives sanctuary to those threatened by religious zealots.

Creatives Logo
without courage all is lost…

A little trivia about the motto of the Allegiance…

When the idea for The Creatives Series first entered my thoughts, there was no doubt that “courage” would be the constant theme seeping onto the pages of each book. I wanted the phrase to be in Latin as it was the language used in Italy prior to Italian. (well, that and the fact that I fell in love with Latin after hearing Stephen Fry in Blackadder Back and Forth 🙂 )

After playing with different phrases and speaking with multiple Latin speakers – each giving me different translations of the phrase, I landed upon a professor at Cambridge University. What a difference a Latin professor makes! This talented gentleman gave me a no-nonsense lesson on how best to word the phrase.

without courage, all is lost…

I learned that if I wished to have the whole phrase sine virtue omnia sunt perdita written in capitals, then it would resemble how Latin was written in antiquity. There were also specific fonts that were best to use – some are not always available. When using capitals ‘u’ should be capitalized as ‘V’ not ‘U.’

So here and there I’ve used a little creative license in the hope that readers will be able to pronounce the phrase. In my head, when I hear Gabriel and Alessandro say the phrase my heart misses a beat, and I take a moment to remind myself that without courage, all is lost…

How many books in the series?

There are currently two books published in The Creatives Series:

A Secret Muse (book 1), and The Devil And The Muse (book 2).

Book 3 will be published 2018!

Happy Reading!



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