The Devil And The Muse: Playlist

Amalia Rodrigues

Music and the Muse

As both books in The Creatives Series reference specific songs and music, I’ve made separate playlists for both books. First up is the music featured in The Devil And The Muse, Book 2 in The Creatives Series. Click here to watch and listen.

I’ll put the playlist for A Secret Muse up in the next few days, and yes, I know it’s seems somewhat backwards putting the playlist out for book 2 first, but I honestly thought I’d already done one!

Music and Characters

Amalia Rodrigues

In Chapter  65 of The Devil And The Muse I refer to poetry written by the late Amalia Rodrigues, a prominent Portuguese Fado singer and writer. One of her poems O Gente Da Minte Terra was brought to life in song form with the music written by Tiago Machado and sung by the fabulous, Mariza.

My character, Caprecia, was born after I first heard Fado, a genre of music from Portugal around the 1820’s. The word Fado means destiny or fate, and has a sense of deep melancholia, longing, and loneliness.

When I listen to Fado I’m reminded of Nancy in Oliver Twist—her ill-fated relationship with Fagin, and how she was torn between love, and lover. Fado pulls at my soul, and the video of Mariza singing this O Gente Da Minte Terra in front of an audience in her homeland is exceptionally moving.


Lyrics and Translations

O People Of My Earth  (English translation)

It’s mine and yours is this fado
Destiny that binds us
However much it is denied
To the strings of a guitar

Whenever you hear the groan
From a guitar to sing
It gets lost soon
Wanting to cry

O people of my land
Now I realize
This sadness that I bring
It was from you that I received

And it would seem tenderness
If I let myself pack
The greater the bitterness
Less sad my singing

O people of my land
Now I realize
This sadness that I bring
It was from you that I received

O people of my land
Now I realize
This sadness that I bring
It was from you that I received


O Gente Da Minha Terra (Portuguese)
É meu e vosso este fado
destino que nos amarra
por mais que seja negado
às cordas de uma guitarra
Sempre que se ouve um gemido
duma guitarra a cantar
fica-se logo perdido
com vontade de chorar
Ó gente da minha terra
agora é que eu percebi
esta tristeza que trago
foi de vós que a recebi
E pareceria ternura
se eu me deixasse embalar
era maior a amargura
menos triste o meu cantar
Ó gente da minha terra



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