Wanted: Stories of Virtue

Why is it that children are hungry in the world and yet millions of dollars are spent deciding who will be the next President of the United States?  Why is it that people die because they can’t afford health care?  Why is it that kids get through a standardized test but can’t read, write, or engage in educated rhetoric?  Why is it that intense weather is ripping through the world but blind politicians choose not to notice their part in this dilemma?  Why is it that we drill for oil when the sun’s energy lies waiting to be used?  Why is it that mountains in Virginia are being blown to pieces in the shameful name of clean coal?

The list goes on.  The answers are there but few have the courage to voice them and others are fearful to listen, choosing instead to turn away from simple truths.  Sometimes I’m ashamed to say that I can’t even listen to news, the tragedies, the cruelty towards our fellow man and animals.  These narratives haunt me and every now and then a story reminds me of the fragility of man.

An elderly lady lost her home with everything she owned in a fire – all she came away with was the shard of a broken dish and her personal life stories.  Her tears flowed, and fell into puddles of water left by the angry ocean and skies of the hurricane.  Elements of nature stripped our sisters and brothers naked to their souls, leaving their raw humanity for all of us to view.

For some, their pulse of life was taken with the storm, young and old, and mid life, they’re gone forever.  While we mourned for their deaths, stories of bravery and kindness filtered through the ethers.   Faith, hope, and love, rose above the rubble as strangers held the hands of those in need.

We see signs of humility daily.  And when we listen, it’s possible to hear words of kindness whispered over the layers of greed and heartache that echo around the planet.   What have you heard lately?  Please share a virtuous story.

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Mandy Jackson-Beverly studied flute in Sydney, worked couture fashion in London, and has been a successful costume designer in LA, working with artists such as Madonna and David Bowie. She’s danced the tango with Robert Duvall, sewn buttons on coats with John Galliano, and discussed the art of sobriety with Alice Cooper and Russell Brand.

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